I have some free time so I animated Katara waterbending

I felt a little artblocked today but I still wanted to draw so I pulled out some different stylization and drew a quick-ish modern AU Zutara.
Zuko’s probably talking about the silver lining in the clouds or something, idk.

I’m way way waaay too hyped up from the book 4 trailer to make any real artwork, so instead I spent the evening trying to fully wrap my head around team avatar’s new, older looks. I’ll tackle Korra’s other main outfit later.
I’m sure these aren’t 100% accurate, but I’m going to use it as a general base reference going forward, so I thought I’d share it! And I saw people doing the math, so their approximate ages are included as well.

I just wanna know Bryke, if Sokka had any kids.

joining the korra bob hair party /o/ I LOVE IT A LOT. it’s so cute gahhh

Okay… I know I said I was only going to do this as a sketch, but I really liked the piece and I had an urge to tweak it. I changed the composition to show more of Asami because a lot of people couldn’t tell I put her in a dress, and I really liked the dress (I found the design on google image). I also thought it would be nice to add Opal to the mix since I thought she’d look cute in one of those 30’s style hats (not sure what they’re called). And finally I wanted to play up the disheveled look on everyone. Especially Mako with the fluffed out hair and bandages.
Also, I noticed someone pondering if this was some sign that Korra would have her hair down more in Book 4, so let me make this clear, I drew this image with NO clues or hints about Book 4. I purposefully put them in clothing and a situation that is far removed from the actual show in any way for that reason.
Book 4 is on it’s way, I’m excited for it. I can’t wait to see the finished animation, and to experience the closing chapters.

Baby Bolin and Pabu…! I miss Legend of Korra a whole bunch. Can’t wait for it to start agaaaaain

asami, are you okay?

Avatar Kyoshi in a quiet moment, without her weapons or makeup. I like Isaia’s headcanon that Kyoshi had a female lover, so there she is in the background :)
/edit: FINE I won’t be lazy and give her lover a face since Kyoshi is too badass to let Koh do anything to anyone she cares about